Stunning Urbane House In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


Designed by a company called Hiren Patel Architects, the Urbane House can be found in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The residence impresses with a geometric, organized design that involves sharp edges, plenty of transparency and a modern, clean look.

The living room as well as the formal drawing room are linked to a double height foyer that ensures great moments of relaxation for the residents and their guests. The family living room sits at the core of the abode, which means that it can be accessed effortlessly from the dining room, kitchen, multipurpose room and bedrooms. Speaking of bedrooms, the parents’ luxurious master bedroom can be found on the first floor, which also includes a verandah and a terrace garden.

In order to balance the sleek, contemporary appearance of the residence itself, the architects made sure that it would be surrounded by numerous forms of vegetation, which can be admired in their entire splendor from almost every room of the house, especially from the living room.

From the Hiren Patel Architects:

This house is based on the ideology of form follows function. It is seen reflected in the sharp lines, which forms the characteristic language of the house.

The entrance porch faces north which leads into a double height foyer, that is further connected to the family living and formal drawing room.

The bedrooms, multipurpose room, dining room and kitchen open into a central space which is the family living room. The verandah visually connects the family living to the drawing room and serves as a transept between the private space of the family living and the surrounding lawns.

The first floor consists of the master and parent’s bedroom as well as a terrace garden and verandah. The use of glass walls facing the east side literally brings the surrounding landscape into the adjoining spaces.

The blending of nature with the crisp contemporary form of the building helps to soften the look of this majestic house, lending it a very urban look. Thus the name : The Urbane House. The interiors blend well with the overall language of the house. A lot of art work has been installed that helps break the monotony of the concrete frame.

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