Magnificent La Branche Residence in Heverlee, Belgium


Sketched out by DMOA Architecten in collaboration with Matthias Mattelaer, Lien Gesquiere, Charlotte Gryspeerdt and Benjamin Denef, the remarkable La Branche home can be found in Heverlee, Belgium. Boasting 7,050 square feet of living space, this cozy home actually used to represent an old resting place for hunters that would spend time within the Heverlee woods.

Even though it has been completely renovated, the residence keeps some of its old charm and heritage. The interior arrangements feature dark, elegant shades of black and dark brown that contrast perfectly with the abundance of natural light flowing through the generous windows.

As we mentioned before, some of the old elements of the home can still be observed freely, especially if we’re talking about the brick façade. Furthermore, a few remnants of the old wall still exist as garden elements.

Photos by Thomas Janssens

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