Modern 17BR House In Singapore


This welcoming shop house from the 1900s was renovated masterfully by a team of skilled architects from ONG&ONG. The residence can be found in Singapore and impresses with spacious living areas, high-end amenities and state-of-the-art facilities that support a carefree and luxurious lifestyle.

The abode flaunts 3 levels, all of which are connected by a beautiful spiraling staircase that is illuminated naturally by a few skylights placed in the roof. The original shop house was transformed into an office at some point, but the architects and the owner worked together in order to recreate the home’s historical heritage and traditional elements. The second floor includes two bedrooms as well as a shared bathroom, bookshelves and space for storage.

The master bedroom is found on the top floor, and it is linked to a separate bathroom by a long slab of limestone. The kitchen, swimming pool and service quarters are found at the rear of the abode, but we should also mention the superb replica spiral staircase that reminds of the 17BR House’s glory days.

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