Modern Casa Sorteo Tec No. 191 in Monterrey, México


This fabulous private residence is called Casa Sorteo Tec No. 191, and it can be found in Monterrey, México. The house’s fantastic, contemporary design is the work of a company called Arq. Bernardo Hinojosa, whose experts decided to go with well-defined geometric shapes and sharp angles.

From an exterior point of view, the home is a perfect example of modern architecture, boasting crisp, white walls complemented by dark brown textures. On the inside, we find a very welcoming environment that oozes comfort and opulence at each and every turn. Amenities include large flat screen TVs, comfortable seating arrangements, high-end appliances and impressive lighting arrangements, but the surprises don’t end here!

Casa Sorteo Tec No. 191 ensures great opportunities for entertainment and relaxation, boasting large, open terraces as well as a lovely back yard with its own swimming pool. Furthermore, the owner is able to burn off extra calories at any given time during the day, since this fantastic abode also includes its own exercise room featuring state-of-the-art equipment.

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