6 Wacky Luminaries that Cheer Up a Banal Decor


Small details make the difference between an ordinary and a special decoration. The interior designers and the companies producing home decorations know best. For this reason, the offer is so generous and is permanently changing. Until a few years ago, the luminaries haven’t received much attention, except the grand chandelier that dominates the center of the ceiling, but for some time the lamps and the lampshades began to be appreciated. For many people, if a light fixture has a crazier design is more interesting and can cheer up a banal decor.

Floor lamp with spherical eyes

The floor lamps are not anymore just simple objects used to illuminate the rooms, because they’ve become spectacular decorations that bring extra joy to the space. In this category enters the spherical floor lamp with eyes. The crackpot design belongs to an artist from Spain and is reminiscent of a character in the animated film Monsters Inc.

Light fixture with tap

The inventiveness of artists is unlimited in terms of achieving designs for the luminaries. A light fixture like this one can be one of the craziest luminaries for a spacious bathroom.

Painting with light bulb

Another crackpot light fixture is the painting with the integrated light bulb. For a greater aesthetic effect, the artist drew a human hand approaching the bulb.

Spherical multicolored lamp shades

Heath Nash, a plastic artist in South Africa, managed to create wacky luminaries from recycled materials such as plastic bottles and paper. After hours or even days of work, the artist created some colored luminaries that could cheer up even the most ordinary room.

Jellyfish chandeliers

The marine life is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists, but who would expect to see chandeliers that mimic the shapes of jellyfish? These luminaries are the wacky work or art of the plastic artist Roxy Towry Russell.

UFO Floor Lamp

The mysterious stories about UFOs can be transposed on light fixtures. Lasse Klein, a famous designer in Norway, had the idea of creating an unusual light fixture shaped as a UFO that raises a cow from the ground. So far, no company has offered to sell his creation, but the designer has not lost hope.

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