Modern Home in Wairau Valley by Parsonson Architects


This property set in Wairau Valley, New Zealand, was designed by Parsonson Architects. The rural scenery with vineyards, farms and trees is completed by the Wairau River that runs close by.

Pavilions form the structure of the house. Each pavilion has a different purpose but they are all connected by the feeling of openness that they give to the inhabitants. To integrate the building into the scenery, the architects went for linear walls made of concrete.

The interior design has one material that reflects this desire of the owners to make the house a part of the land. The two dominant materials used for the indoor spaces were Eucalyptus Saligna and concrete. The warm-colored wood gives a sense of comfort to the entire interior.

One main feature of this house is given by the clear lines. The overall impression is that the house is spacious and comfortable to live in.

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