Modern River House In London, England

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Minimalistic, modern and luxurious, the River House in London, England was sketched out by Selencky Parsons. It features a sublime exterior design based on sharp geometrical shapes and a blend of crisp white and wooden façade elements. Inside, natural light flows freely through large windows and sliding glass doors that help fade the limits between the indoor and outdoor areas.

The open space that contains the living room, kitchen and dining area links to an outdoor patio and a beautiful swimming pool. The two floors are connected by a staircase with “floating” wooden steps, which leads the way to the master bedroom, ensuite bathroom, wardrobe and dressing room. The first level includes the main social spaces as well as a study, the entrance area, a utility space and a couple of water features.
The basement is where we find two more bedrooms, a bathroom, a wine cellar, storage space, a games room and a water-filled lightwell.

Photos by: Jim Stephenson

From the architect:

The river house is a highly sustainable new build private house on the river Thames near Oxford which replaced an existing bungalow.

Folding floating horizontal planes, softened with random Iroko linings, reduce the visual mass of the building and emphasise the horizontality of the landscape.


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