Long Dune Residence By Hammer Architects

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Even though it already boasts exceptional views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Long Dune Residence also affords panoramas of a nearby water pond and of the Pamet River. Designed by Hammer Architects and completed in 2014, the residence offers utmost privacy from prying eyes thanks to its super-insulated wood clad walls and narrow windows that are found within the outdoor showers, bathrooms and laundry area.

The entryway features a glass door that reveals the dining and living rooms, both of which are found at the heart of the abode. These areas are linked to an outdoor patio through a series of sliding glass doors. Thanks to a two-wing separation, the Long Dune Residence includes a gorgeous master bedroom within one wing, while the rest of the bedrooms are located within the other.
As far as sustainability is concerned, the architects implemented deep overhangs with clerestory windows for natural cooling and ventilation as well as photovoltaic panels that supply clean energy to multiple facilities and amenities.

From the architect:

Perched on a coastal bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this new residence is designed to additionally afford views of the Pamet River and a fresh water pond. The entry side of the house appears very solid with its thick super-insulated wood clad walls and narrow strip windows enclosing the bathrooms, outdoor showers, stair, and laundry room.

Little is revealed until entering the house through a tall glass door that emerges as one approaches the house. Once inside, the living and dining rooms, which occupy the building’s center, open to the dramatic water views through a floor to ceiling glass wall that features large sliding doors connecting to a multi-level outdoor deck.

One wing of the house provides the guest bedrooms, while the other wing, which is rotated forty-five degrees in plan, contains the master bedroom suite. A screened porch with a referential kite shaped roof occupies the intersection of the two geometries providing views in all directions. Active and passive solar design incorporating photovoltaic panels and deep roof overhangs with ventilating clerestory windows, promotes natural cooling and ventilation, while shading the interior in the summer months.

Architects: Hammer Architects
Location: Truro, MA, United States
Project Year: 2014

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