Modern Waterfront Home in Sarasota

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The modern design of this 7,115 sq ft house in Florida is entirely the work of architect Mark Sultana. Hidden by the surrounding landscape as if it is a treasure, this approximately one acre masterpiece has innovations in finishes and the use of materials.

There is an obvious contrast between the environment and the interior of the house. Precise lines and balanced forms contour the interior design, while the exterior is marked by the waterfront and the access to the beaches around the residence. Glass doors with automated sliding systems were a must for this type of perfectly placed dwelling.

The home is structured on three levels, the last one being used as a roof terrace. There are two floors designed for living, but also entertainment areas like the home theater, the wine cellar, and the heated pool with salt water.

Moreover, this residence comes with all the necessary technology for protection in this climate: glass resistant to hurricanes, concrete reinforcements, elevator, a Lutron system of lighting, insect control system, water filtration.

The price for this state-of-art modern home in Florida is $4,749,000.

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