Breathtaking Paradisiacal Estate in Arizona

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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What you’re about to see, is an exquisite residence that seems detached from a movie. The Paradisiacal Estate in Arizona takes your breath away in the moment you see the first picture. This is not a joke, we’re not trying to play with you, we’re just telling you the truth. Maybe $10,000,000 seems a lot, but we can assure you it’s very little compared to what this estate has to offer.

It offers spectacular views of McDowells, Superstitions, 4 Peaks and rock outcroppings. This extraordinary 13,000 s.f. home features an amazing and spacious kitchen, a fabulous private theatre, telescoping doors, dining rooms with floor-to-ceiling mahogany walls, two family rooms and large patios with 28 tree citrus grove.  Among others, we can mention the library, the craft rooms, an exercise room, seven bedrooms with 12 bathrooms and on the outside: an infinity pool, rolling lawns, a mini golf course, a barbeque area and also 30 additional available acres.

It was built in 1999 and since then, the house has been added many improvements in order to maintain its contemporary and lush aspect.

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