Pleasurable M2 House by monovolume architecture + design

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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M2 House is a sophisticated project with a neat design which was created by monovolume architecture + design and is located in Bozen, Italy.

It is divided into two separate floors and because of its punctuated façade in the north and east, it looks like being shut from the access road.

Due to the huge glass façade, the house seems to maintain an excellent communication with the garden, allowing, in the same time, the light to floor the interior space.

The basement’s ceiling was transformed into a roof terrace for the upper floor, while on the roof of the upper floor is placed the photo-voltaic plant.

There was made clear separation between the day are and the night area through a continuous wall which is parallel to the outward walls.

Photos by M&H Photostudio


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