Q House on the Peru Beach

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Beach House Q, placed in Misterio Beach, Canete, Peru is a project of Longhi Architects. It is designed with two living levels, but with a terrace and a swimming pool extending the lower level and appearing like an inferior level to the house. The upper level is supported by columns and it covers the terrace to the pool.

The house seems impersonal at first sight, with many concrete elements and even built-in concrete furniture. However, the simple and austere design is personalized by the use of strong splashes of color, like red.  Interior space is maximized by double-height living and dining, and glass outside walls that offer a splendid view over the beach and water.

This beach residence is perfect for parties near the swimming pool or spending time with friends in the social area. Its design harmonizes with the surroundings creating a relaxing place.


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