Remarkable Casa Joía in Portugal

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The incredible Casa Joía can be found on the beautiful coastline of Carvoeiro, Algarve in Portugal, and it was sketched out by expert architects from Studio Arte Architecture & Design and Lusco Fusco Concepts. The residence is based on a former fisherman’s house and retains its original layout, while its interior spaces were completely renovated based on contemporary design principles.

Boasting a lovely mix of old and new, the home features a gorgeous front door adorned with a series of perforations that remind of the former door’s design. The residence was decorated with minimalism and elegance in mind, flaunting simple yet impressive furnishings that contrast with the as crisp, white walls. Upon opening the large patio doors, the residents and their guests arrive to a lavish terrace that promises ample opportunities for enjoyment and relaxation. There is also a large 753 square foot terrace that includes a small swimming pool as well as sunbeds, a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen equipped with a barbecue, a refrigerator and a spacious lounging area.

Going back inside, the inhabitants of this lovely abode benefit from a wide array of high-end amenities such as Wi-Fi, air conditioning, satellite TV and more. Accommodation-wise, a hidden staircase leads to a cozy second bedroom that has its own bathroom as well as a Japanese bath en-suite downstairs.

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With incredible views of the sea and stunning living arrangements, the gorgeous Casa Joía is as impressive as it is unique.

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