Striking Maison A3 In Toulon, France


Built in 2013 in Toulon, France, Maison A3 is a remarkable abode that was designed by Vincent Coste. This home ensures 2,152 square feet of living space and, thanks to its triangle-shaped plan, it flaunts exceptional views of the bay of Sanary and of Toulon.

The main living areas such as the kitchen and living room are connected to the terrace, which includes its own summer kitchen, Jacuzzi and summer room. By contrast, the private areas such as the bedrooms open up towards an interior garden, which gives off a sense of tranquility and peace. The interiors were designed with modernism and comfort in mind, and so they feature an impressive selection of high-end amenities throughout, including high quality furniture pieces, comfortable seating arrangements, fireplaces, flat screen TVs and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Outside, the aforementioned garden as well as a large swimming pool ensure great opportunities for relaxation and socialization.

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