Sumptuous Manor In Vaughan, Ontario, Canada


This elegant and spacious home was built on a scenic location within the National Estates neighborhood of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. It flaunts 20,000 square feet of living space and was constructed in 1995 on a 1.64-acre lot that merges with the prestigious National Golf Club of Canada. In 2014, a construction company in Vancouver, British Columbia estimated that building a house such as this today would cost well over $26 million, and so the manor’s current $6.98 million price tag is quite a steal.

The residence includes high-end amenities and modern facilities that encourage a luxurious and entertaining lifestyle. The most important highlights comprise a formal entryway with 26-foot tall ceilings, a formal dining room with French Doors, an eat-in kitchen with a fireplace, and an indoor solarium pool with a retractable glass roof. Those who are not satisfied with the current interior design will be glad to know that an architectural company named Antonio Greco Architect Inc. has created a special rendering that highlights what could be done with the various interior spaces.

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