Modern And Spacious Two-Story Apartment In Tel Aviv, Israel

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The apartment that we’re about to present spreads on 2 levels and is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was designed by a firm named Ando Studio and impresses with spacious, comfortable living conditions and with an eye-catching mix of modernism and elegance.

The high quality wooden floors, wooden cabinetry and furniture pieces contrast beautifully with the white, minimalistic appearance of the walls and ceilings. The main bedroom features a large dressing, a comfortable bed and a large, classy painting that pretty much represents the only décor element.

Even though the interiors are exquisite to say the least, the outdoors definitely deserves a mention as well, especially if we consider the patio with its coffee table, natural plants and candles. This patio can be accessed from the living room thanks to a series of sliding glass doors that blur the limits between the interior and exterior spaces.

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