Superb House in Nature By Design Raum

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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This breathtaking visualization is called House in Nature, and it was created by a company called Design Raum. The house pictured in the renderings is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture that blends seamlessly with the beautiful natural environment that surrounds it. It features an exposed concrete exterior that gives off a feeling of sturdiness and reliability.

The theme carries on inside the house but is tempered by a series of modern and comfortable seats, sofas, armchairs and beds. As far as decorations are concerned, the only piece that truly deserves a mention is the life-size car that rests vertically on one of the inner walls. The car has functional headlights and taillights and is actually being used as a bookcase because its seats are replaced with shelves. A dining table for 6, hanging lighting arrangements and floor-to-ceiling windows are just some of the other highlights of the House in Nature.

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