Superb Residence In Middle Park, Victoria, Australia

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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This wonderful, modern home can be found in Middle Park, Victoria, Australia, and it was designed with utmost attention to detail by Steve Domoney. Completed in 2011, it flaunts 3,013 square feet of living space and offers exquisite living conditions that meet contemporary standards of luxury and comfort.

The dining area, kitchen and living room are combined into a single space that can be found within a sunken level flanked by ponds and a swimming pool. The interior arrangements boast a mix of black and white elements that contrast beautifully with each other. Amenities include soft sofas, flat screen TVs, large windows, high quality finishes and impressive lighting arrangements that contribute to an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

A wooden staircase links the 2 levels of the abode and ensures access to the master bedroom, which features its own dressing room and en suite bathroom. There is also a barbecue area outside as well as a garage, a podium and a laundry room.

From the architect:

Hambleton street middle park achieving the necessary equal balance between the presence of an existing Edwardian cottage facing the main street and a substantial addition over two levels to its rear, led us to the decision to set down the new portion of the dwelling, thus regardless of its two storey rise, the new is barely visible from the street yet strikingly bold, establishing its own presence when viewed from the service road to the rear.

Capitalising on this change in floor level, the new combined family living, dining and kitchen area is ‘inserted’ at the new sunken level between pool and pond courts which remain at the higher elevation.

A sense of calm ensues from the lapping waters, an experience heightened by the inclusion of a glass wall face to the pool which directly abuts the family living space. The rear garden court is also divided allowing at grade access to the outdoor covered terrace from the dining area, and beyond up to landscaped court.On a confined site, the most has been made to excite the senses and provide all the necessities for family living.

Architects: Steve Domoney
Location: Middle Park VIC 3206, Australia
Area: 280.0 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Derek Swalwell

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