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Having a swimming pool in the backyard is a dream for a lot of Australians, but it often gets pushed by the wayside because many believe it is out of reach financially. While this may have been the case moons ago, this simply isn’t the case today. Our team here at The Fibreglass Pool Company Brisbane believe that pool ownership should be attainable for all homeowners, and we have a generous selection of pools that are suited to those on tight budgets.

We are an Australian owned and operated fibreglass pool company, and all our pools are handcrafted right here on home soil. With one of the countries largest collections, we are confident we have a pool that you and your family will fall in love with.

Why choose a swimming pool from The Fibreglass Pool Company? Well, there are many reasons, here are just a few of them:

  1. Our fibreglass shells are engineered using sophisticated industrial science and are constructed in a state of the art manufacturing plant where no expense has been spared. Our pools are technologically advanced and superior to any other on the market today.
  2. They surpass both national and international standards for thickness and strength. Our pools require less upkeep, fewer chemicals and will maintain their structural integrity over their lifespan.
  3. Our swimming pools come with built-in safety features such as non-slip steps and surfaces. There is a child safety ledge integrated around the perimeter of the pool for added peace of mind.
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If you’re going to install a swimming pool anywhere, Brisbane is a great place to do it. With plenty of sunny days and a warm climate, you’ll get plenty of use out of a pool here. Before you dive into pool ownership, you should look into the various pool builders in your area to ensure they are up to the job and you are getting your money’s worth. Our team have decades of pool building experience under their belt, and there isn’t a site that they’ve been to, to date that they couldn’t install a pool in. We can install pools on virtually any terrain, homes with limited access, small backyards, you name it. Here are some important things to consider when installing a pool here in Brisbane:

Knowing the Safety and Planning Laws for Brisbane

Pool laws and regulations are enforced throughout Australia, and they vary depending on where you live. For those living in Brisbane, this is what you need to know.

Before your pool can be built, you will need to obtain several permits from either a building certifier or your local council first. You will need:

  1. A building permit
  2. A structural stability permit
  3. A sewerage and water supply approval
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Once these have the green light, construction can begin. You will be given a domestic contract that needs to be read and signed before works can start.

You should check that the builder you hire is insured, qualified and licenced. You can do this via the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website. Your pool or spa must be registered on the Queensland Pool Safety Register. You need to have a pool fence that meets set pool fencing regulations, and it will need to be inspected by a building certifier before it can be deemed compliant. Your pool builder will organise all of this on your behalf. If you’d like more information on this subject, check out the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website

Which fibreglass pool is best suited to me in Brisbane?

We’re spoilt here in Brissy when it comes to our weather, and you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a pool with us. While it’s great to have plenty of options, it can be hard to narrow down your choices when there are so many on offer. Two of the biggest factors to consider when purchasing a fibreglass pool is your budget and how much room you have for a swimming pool. Once you have established this, the next thing you’ll need to determine is what your incentive is for purchasing a pool.

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Is it for fitness purposes? Relaxation? Entertaining? Or perhaps all of the above? There are pools for virtually every swimming need today, and it’s important to consider this because if it suits your swimming needs, you’ll be more inclined to use it often. Some popular small pools include plunge pools, swim spas and lap pools. If you are wanting a larger pool, you can’t go past a family pool. For the ultimate luxury, why not consider a pool and spa combo? There’s something for everyone here at The Fibreglass Pool Company.

Can I use my pool all year round with Brisbane’s weather?

Queensland is known as the “Sunshine State” and for good reason. We have short, mild winters with the rest of the year featuring warm, balmy days that are ideal for swimming. Even though our winters are hardly cold compared to other parts of the country, it doesn’t mean you’ll want to go swimming.

There is a way you can enjoy swimming in your pool comfortably every month of the year and that is by installing a heating system. You may be thinking heating is a luxury you cannot afford, but it might not be as expensive as you think. Options such as solar harness natural energy from the sun rather than relying on electricity or another artificial source. This can reduce your running costs significantly. The great thing about living in Brisbane is, that because the weather is only cold for such a brief period, you won’t have to use your heating often and this can reduce your running costs further.

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You won’t find a more passionate team of pool builders than here at The Fibreglass Pool Company. We pride ourselves on providing each of our customers with first-class customer service from the initial meeting to handover and a swimming pool that will be the envy of all their friends and family. All of our pools and spas come with one of Australia’s most comprehensive warranties.

The people of Brisbane love our pools. If you’d like to discuss the suitability of one of our swimming pools for your home, get in contact and one of our friendly staff members will happily run through your options with you.

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