The Panda House In Cañete, Peru

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Jane Mullock
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Featuring a lovely mix of rustic and minimalistic elements, the Panda House in Cañete, Peru is the result of an impressive renovation carried out by a team of expert architects from DA-LAB Arquitectos. The residence was completed in 2014 and incorporates a double height space that provides access to all of the other common spaces.

In order to facilitate shading during the day, the architects made use of reed, which also scatters light throughout the house during the night for a stunning, almost romantic effect. The facade was put together using natural materials and boasts sliding blinds that help create shade whenever it is needed. The initial home featured a single floor, but the new residence flaunts an extra one as well as two extra rooms, a barbecue bar, a TV room, a family terrace and a beautiful swimming pool.

From the architect:


Our top priority was to keep the spirit of the existing house, which was more than 20 years old and was designed in an exaggerated way. It had ample passages, oversized bathrooms and lacked many basic spaces for a beach house of its size. The project has an air of minimalism combined with classic elements of a rustic beach house that give a sense of harmony and peace to every environment.


We call the double height space “the soul of the house”. It recognizes the pre-existent structure and serves as an organizing element and spacial connector of all common areas.


The false ceiling cane plant generates a welcome shade throughout the day. At night the indirect lighting details scattered throughout the house enhance this natural element as “mother” of the project.


The “live facade made with sliding blinds that move across the front allows you to create shadows where they are required. When not in use they rest in front of the columns generating an antigravitational effect that gives you the feeling that the roof floats with no supports.

The house, which originally had only one story, now has two storys and has won 2 extra rooms, a TV room, a bar, a BBQ bar, a pool and a large family terrace to have lunch and rest overlooking the sea.

Architects: DA-LAB Arquitectos
Location: Playa Blanca de Asia, distrito de Cañete, Peru.
Project Year: 2014
Photographs: Renzo Rebagliati
Construction: DA-LAB PROYECTOS
Interior Design: DA-LAB Arquitectos & Carla Canepa
Collaborators: Arq. Hugo Ramella, Jose Velasquez & Antonio Zevallos (BOSKET), Luis Aponte, Juan Cuba, Omar Chanagana, Nino Flores, Oscar Cubas (Candy Mobel), Carla Canepa, Clifford Day & Mariana Bernal (Sonar), Luis Cancho (Gabsport), Solange Ávila (Solight), Carlos Astocaza, Renzo Rebagliati “RENZINO” (Fotografía) y Luis Lanegra.
Land Area: 300m2
Remodelated Area: 300m2
New Area (2nd Floor): 154m2
Total Area: 454 m2

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