Tips on Keeping Your Crawlspace Protected in Winter

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When it comes to protecting the home during the harsh winter weather, you have to take many factors into consideration. There are lots of issues that can arise in the colder weather, and one of the areas you need to consider is your crawlspace.

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 It is amazing just how big an impact your crawlspace can have on the condition of your home overall. This is why you need to ensure you keep an eye on the crawlspace to look out for any possible issues and that you also know how to keep it protected during the winter to minimize on additional problems. In this article, we will look at some of the ways in which you can do this.

 Some Tips to Help

 There are various tips that you can take on board to help you to ensure your crawlspace is kept in good condition over the winter period. This includes:

 Look Out for Signs of Foundation Issues

One thing you need to do is look out for foundation issues when it comes to your crawlspace, as this can create all sorts of problems, particularly in the colder weather. There are various signs that can indicate you have foundation problems in your crawlspace, as pointed out by the experts at JES Foundation Repair. So, in order to ensure your foundation is solid and that any problems are quickly addressed, make sure you check for any signs of problems.

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 Keep Gutters Clean

Your gutters can have a big impact on the condition of your crawl space, particularly in the run-up to winter when there is more rain and bad weather. If you fail to keep your gutters clean, they will not be able to drain properly. This can result in them overflowing, with water then collecting near to the base of your property. This water is then soaked up into the ground and evaporates into the crawlspace area. With this in mind, you need to ensure your gutters are cleaned and free of debris.

 Close the Air Vents

Originally used to allow air to circulate in the crawlspace beneath the home, air vents can make it easier for moisture and water to get into your property. With this in mind, you should close the air vents in your crawl space once winter comes around and also in the fall when there is a higher level of rain. This will help to reduce the risk of water getting inside, and you can even have the vents sealed to help ensure the crawlspace benefit from a warmer temperature through the colder weather.

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 Sealing the Crawlspace

You can also look at getting the crawlspace sealed ready for the winter season, as this can prevent problems arising from air leaks. Sealing the area helps to prevent the circulation of air through gaps in the home’s walls and in the crawlspace base, which can then reduce humidity in the crawlspace.

 Turn to Experts for Superior Results

 One thing to bear in mind is that maintaining and addressing crawlspace issues can be a challenge, and the colder weather can make it even more challenging. If you do not take the right steps to address problems and ‘winter-proof’ your crawlspace, you could find that your home suffers as a result. Of course, once your home is affected, it can lead to all sorts of issues including a hazardous environment, particularly if you have vulnerable people or people with allergies living there.

 By making sure you turn to professionals to deal with any crawlspace problems and help you to clean and maintain this area, you can look forward to keeping it in good condition and minimizing on the risk of issues.

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