6 Tips To Maintain Your Lavender Pillow Properly 

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Your sleeping pillows play a significant role in your overall sleep quality and sleeping patterns. Particularly, many people believe their sleeping cushions could determine the levels of comfort they may feel while sleeping at night. Hence, the need to maintain them properly. Although some people may have varying ways of caring for their bolsters, keeping them in shape couldn’t only benefit your sleep but also help you obtain a deep and restful sleep at night. 

To do that, it’s important to learn a thing or two about the proper maintenance of your sleeping cushions, especially because certain types of pillows may require different cleaning methods. Specifically, a Lavender Pillow may need special care methods to keep them in good condition. With their sweet-smelling properties and incredible health advantages, you can benefit from lavender pillows in many ways. 

Fascinating Facts On Lavender Pillows

Over the past years, these cushions have gained considerable attention and popularity due to many reasons. For one, they’ve been recognized for their roles in promoting sleep quality and helping people obtain restorative sleep at night. Also, lavender pillows have been known for regulating one’s mood, increasing productivity, enhancing the immune system, and preventing unusual weight gain.    

Generally, these cushions have been used to promote better sleep quality and improve one’s circadian rhythm. Particularly, a study shows that these pillows could affect one’s nervous systems, stabilize mood, and enhance their cognitive functions. Not just that, but they’re also believed to boost one’s behavior and manage their heart rate. 

Mainly designed to help people who are constantly dealing with a constant lack of sleep and other sleep disorders, these bolsters are said to soothe one’s nerves, calm their minds, and prepare their bodies for a restful sleep. With regards to correcting one’s sleeping patterns, many experts believed that these bolsters could help people fall asleep faster during the night and make them alert during the day.  

Also, these sweet-smelling pillows are said to alleviate certain types of health concerns. These issues include sore muscles, muscle stiffness, and inexplicable body aches. Plus, their characteristic of being antifungal and antibacterial makes them ideal options for people with allergies.  Due to their lavender sprouts and natural fibers, these pillows might also alleviate the early signs of mental health issues like anxiety, stress, depression, and dementia. 

With their awesome therapeutic properties, aromatic components, and incredible contouring properties, many people are getting compelled to purchase a lavender cushion. If you’re wondering about what does a lavender cushion look like, you may visit this video on Lavender Pillow by PineTales®:

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Must-Know Care Tips Of Lavender Pillows

While further studies are needed to prove their claims, many researchers believed that lavender pillows could do wonders in one’s body. To better maximize their amazing uses, it’s essential to know first how to care for them appropriately. 

Unlike other types of standard bolsters, lavender cushions, which are filled with organic Buckwheat Hulls and lavender buds, require other methods of cleaning and washing to extend their life span. There are also several rules of cleanliness and maintenance you need to know to care for them properly.   

Continue reading the section below to know more about these care tips: 

Lavender Pillow

Wash Your Pillows Regularly

It’s crucial to wash your pillow to keep them in good condition. For starters, almost all types of pillows need to be washed regularly to prevent them from expiring too early, more so if you have a lavender pillow. While this may be a no-brainer for some people, not washing your sleeping cushions may affect their quality and cleanliness. Apart from being one of the primary hygiene practices for bed essentials, cleaning one’s cushions could also prevent certain types of health issues from occurring.  

 Particularly, your lavender pillow might get contaminated by numerous viruses and bacteria, not to mention your sweat, skin oil, and saliva that could attach to it. Also, bed bugs and other types of parasites and insects might infest the inner sides of your pillows, so cleaning them is a must. 

Typically, there are two types of pillow owners. The first one is a person who prefers to wash their sleeping cushions regularly, while the other type would like to replace them with a new one. If you’re the first type, then you can consider the following tips when cleaning your lavender cushion: 

  • Remove the pillowcase cover first. 
  • Then, put the pillow inside the washing machine in a cold setting. 
  • Avoid using bleach or tumble drying your lavender pillow, as they may get damaged. 
  • You can also consider spot cleaning for your pillow.  

Ideally, you need to clean your lavender pillow every 60 days to 90 days. It’s also important to not leave any moisture when drying your pillow. As much as possible, you need to keep them super dry to avoid expiring earlier. 

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If you’re the second type of owner, there’s nothing wrong with changing your pillows, especially if they’re starting to feel lumpy, flat, and saggy.  Also, if you’re starting to notice those red flags, then that might be the right time to change them. No matter what type of pillow owner you are, it’s important to follow proper measures to better clean your pillows and extend their life span. 

Change Your Pillowcases Regularly

It’s important to change your sleeping cushions’ pillowcases once in a while, especially when they’re starting to get dirty. Although it would be wise to use them as-is, you can also put them in pillowcases to prevent them from expiring earlier. To better prevent that from happening, you might need to change their pillowcase covers regularly. 

Typically, pillow owners change their pillowcases as often as they replace their bedsheets. Some of them even replace their pillow covers twice a week. Although, it would also suffice if you’ll do it once. If you’re wondering why do you need to do this, it’s because just like your bedsheets, your lavender cushions may also catch dirt, drool, and dead skin. Germs may also get absorbed in your pillow’s material and not just on the upper surface. 

So, it’s a must to change their covers more frequently to avoid any health issues or skin conditions. Also, changing your pillowcases regularly may help prevent bacteria or germs from infesting your lavender pillow and avoid the need to wash them often.  

Hang Your Pillows Outside

After a series of washing, you might be wondering about the next measures to proceed with your task. So, you need to dry your pillows now. As mentioned earlier, lavender pillows must be dried well to prevent any bacteria from attaching to them. Also, it’s essential to keep it moisture-free to eliminate potential allergens that could cling to its fibers.  

Given that your lavender pillow must be dried thoroughly, you can put it out in the sun to achieve better results. If you’re wondering about what makes this alternative better than any other method, it’s because the sun could effectively kill any bacteria, virus, or germs inside the cushion and get rid of bad odor.  

Ideally, it would be best to hang your lavender cushions outside your house, in the sun every 90 days to keep better maintain them.   Also, make sure that both sides of your pillows equally get the needed sunlight for it to be effective.

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Store Them In A Breathable Bag

Typically, people often have two or more sleeping pillows they use at night. Some of them even have at least five pieces or more of cushions with them in their bed. While there’s nothing wrong with owning that many pillows, it could be a bit challenging to clean them regularly and use them simultaneously. If you’re thinking to put away some of your reserved lavender pillows, you must consider the type of bag or place you’re going to keep them in, 

Thus, you need to put your lavender pillow in a breathable bag to better trap moisture. It could also help to avoid plastic bags as much as possible as they may increase the risks of moisture in your pillows.  

Being unable to store your pillows properly may result in moisture, which could then create mildew or fungus. Consequently, this could ruin the pillow fillings and flatten out its shape. To prevent that from happening, it’s best to store them properly in a breathable bag. 

Use A Pillow Pad

Although many types of sleeping cushions have incredible pillow covers that could offer strong protection against harmful pathogens and germs, it’s best to consider using a pillow pad to better maintain them. 

Particularly, certain types of pillows with natural fibers like buckwheat pillows and lavender pillows might need these special pads to increase their life span. A nice pillow pad may help create a protective barrier between your cushion and its pillowcase, eliminate allergens, and promote better quality.  

Fluff Your Cushions

Fluffing your lavender pillows could significantly improve their condition and maintain their softness. To begin with, it’s important to fluff your sleeping bolsters to obtain a more comfortable sleep at night. As they’re the ones you use to rest your head on and carry its weight, giving your lavender pillow a nice fluff could make it more intact and keep it in shape. 

For those who have a lesser idea about this practice, fluffing could mean putting your pillow on a low heat until they’re firm enough and suitable for your preferences. In some cases, people tend to choose the simpler options like patting their sleeping cushions, squishing, shaking, or even punching them until they get to their normal form.  

However, there’s an even better option for a meticulous pillow owner. For starters, you can consider tossing your sleeping cushion on low heat, adding some fabric softener or softener balls, pouring three-to-five drops of lavender oil, and waiting for them to finish. You may also keep fluffing your bolsters until you’ve gotten your preferred fluffiness.  

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Other Things To Keep In Mind

It could be challenging for many people to prolong the life span of their sleeping cushions. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways and methods you can consider to obtain their purposes. You can consider the following tips to better maintain your cushion: 

  • Do not bleach your lavender pillow nor put them in a tumble drier because unlike other types of pillows, it could damage your sleeping cushion. 
  • You can consider tossing them under low heat to maintain their softness. 
  • Make sure to pick a machine-washable pillowcase cover for a lavender pillow to avoid any hassle when washing them. 
  • People who own pillows with natural fiber might need to wash their cushions every three months or less to eliminate bad odor and germs.  
  • Ensure that your lavender pillow is always moisture-free when planning to store them. 
  • People with allergies like allergic rhinitis or textile dermatitis may consider drying their pillows under the sun every 60-90 days to keep harmful allergens away. Although a lavender pillow is considered a safer option, you may still consider this alternative.  
  • Avoid using plastic bags when storing lavender pillows, as they could create room for moisture and mold to grow on your bolsters. As much as possible, you can opt for a breathable bag.

Key Takeaways

Your sleeping pillows play a significant role in your overall sleep quality and sleeping behavior. While it could be a bit challenging to keep them in shape, there are ways you can do to prolong their life span. However, it’s important to note that certain types of pillows may require special methods of cleaning to maintain them properly.  

Unlike pillows that contain cotton, polyester, or wool, cushions like lavender pillows need extra care and attention when cleaning. These pillows may get easily damaged or expire earlier. To better prevent that from happening, you can consider the abovementioned considerations and tips when cleaning your lavender pillows.   By following some of the things listed above, you have a better chance of maximizing the use of your lavender cushions and prolonging their lifespan.

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