Amazing Central Washington River House


The company responsable for creating the exquisite Central Washington River House is McClellan Architects. Featuring stunning views of the nearby river, this lavish abode is as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside, featuring a wide array of conveniences and facilities that have the potential to ensure a lavish and carefree lifestyle.

Some might even describe it as a perfect place to call home, and it’s not difficult to understand why, since the surrounding areas of this outstanding abode promise endless opportunities for relaxation and sightseeing.  Even though it is just steps away from the river, this stunning home boasts its own swimming pool. Moreover, there is a cozy dining area outside under a pavilion near the pool as well as another table up on the patio.

The interior conveniences we mentioned before include flat screen TVs, fireplaces, modern appliances and smart lighting facilities, all complemented by exquisite furnishings, leather upholsteries and tasteful art pieces.

Cozy, spacious and flaunting spectacular views, the Central Washington River House is quite incredible to say the least.

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