Lively Flower House In Asia District, Peru

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Boasting a modern, minimalistic design as well as a direct connection to its surrounding greenery, the aptly named Flower House can be found in Asia District, Peru, and it was designed by Gómez de la Torre & Guerrero Arquitectos. The residence features 1,937 square feet of living space and flaunts a central sunroom with a tall retractable roof. This area is well suited for relaxation and socialization, but there is also an impressive terrace above, on the first floor, which boasts great views of the nearby garden and its flowers.

The abode was designed to offer utmost comfort, whether we’re talking about the warm season or the cold one. The ground floor features a service area, a social area and 2 bedrooms, while the basement includes a planter and a patio with a wooden floor. This is also where we find a deposit space, a living room and 3 extra bedrooms. On the roof, the terrace flaunts a special dining area, a grill area and a swimming pool that is flanked by a deck.

Needless to say, the primary décor elements that were used to beautify this house are natural plants that come in different shapes, sizes and colors. The plants contrast nicely with the modern, minimalistic look of the Flower House and add a touch of naturalness and coziness.

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Photos by Juan Solano

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