Casa ATT Is A Modern Residence In Puebla, Mexico

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Finished in 2013 by Dionne Arquitectos, Casa ATT is a modern, welcoming and comfortable residence that is located in Puebla, Mexico. At a glance, this home impresses with a contemporary design that involves a white façade complemented by wooden elements. At the rear of the house, a terrace features comfortable seating arrangements and tables that can be used for socialization and relaxation purposes by the lucky owners and their guests.

Inside, the main living areas are well lit and beautifully decorated with art pieces and natural plants. The kitchen features a mix of rustic and modern elements such as an exposed brick wall, wine storage facilities and high-end appliances. The first floor is reserved for socialization, which is why it includes the living room, the kitchen, an entertainment room and a studio, while the second floor comprises the private areas such as 2 bedrooms, a guest bedroom, a TV room and the main bathroom.

Photos by Patrick López Jaimes

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