Ando Studio’s Fabulous Project Nursery

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Ando Studio is a company that specializes is high quality visualizations for exceptional projects from all over the world. One of the studio’s most impressive works is called Project Nursery, which was created for a company called Gindi Holdings and represents a series of fabulous renderings that depict the main highlights of an outstanding abode in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Starting off with the outdoor areas, we observe plenty of natural vegetation as well as comfortable seating arrangements, a small table for 4 and a sofa placed in the shade. The terrace offers incredible views of the surrounding environment and features its own dining table for 8 and an incredible L-shaped sofa. Inside, the color palette is based on a contrast between shades of white, brown and gray complemented by a series of glossy black furnishings. The main floor features floor-to-ceiling windows that help smooth the transition between the interior and exterior spaces.

Welcoming, comfortable and beautifully decorated, Project Nursery has everything it takes to become one of Tel Aviv’s most outstanding homes.

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