Baronial Estate In Ontario, Canada

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Living within such a beautiful and spacious home should be considered both a privilege and an honor. Featuring a distinct Mediterranean design, this superb baronial estate can be found in Ontario, Canada, just a one-hour drive away from Toronto.

Boasting 16,920 square feet of living space, the home itself is placed on a 10-acre lot that includes part of the shoreline of Lake Simcoe. The 2 levels of the abode are linked by a spiraling staircase that provides access to the private living areas, including 11 stunning bedrooms as well as 14 bathrooms.

As far as leisurely activities are concerned, the residence boasts numerous lounging spaces, fireplaces, pool tables and a salt-water swimming pool that tempts with warm, turquoise water. Last but not least, the estate includes a large garage with enough space for 4 cars as well as a helipad.

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