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Scandinavian bathrooms include everything you’re looking for in your next bathroom renovation: simplicity, elegance, and of course, utility. Better yet, you can be sure your Scandi inspired bathroom will last the test of time, as it is practical in its design and classic in its appearance. In this article we’ll help you learn what to look for when designing a Scandinavian bathroom and choosing the best features.

Scandi walls and floors

Scandinavian bathrooms are defined by clean lines, soft colours, and personal accents. This means you can keep it simple with walls and floors, potentially opting for natural material accent walls or a splash of colour here and there. Generally, white square tiles are a safe choice, providing the Scandinavian aesthetic with neutral lines and colours.

Don’t be afraid to add something that pops out! If you have white tiles on the walls, you can go for bolder patterned floor tiles to add your own personal touch. Alternatively, with white floor tiles you could opt for a wooden wall accent to make the Scandinavian wilderness come to life right there in your bathroom.

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Bathroom fixtures and fittings inspired by Scandinavian design

The most important parts of any bathroom are of course the fixtures and fittings. They need to be built-to-last, easy to use and add something to the theme you’re creating. When it comes to Scandinavian bathrooms, there are a few distinct styles of fixtures and fittings that will add the most to the look you’re trying to achieve.

Minimalism is the first aspect of Scandi design to consider for your bathroom fixtures and fittings. Scandinavian minimalism is about the intentional inclusion of each object, meaning that every piece you add needs to be of high quality and needs to have a marked effect on the space. The result is that you spend much more time searching for the right addition, but that you buy less and choose only the items that will serve a distinct purpose.

What this means for your bathroom is that individual fixtures such as taps and sinks will not usually draw attention to themselves individually, but rather create an overall effect as a collection. One way to achieve this is by choosing a monochromatic colour palette – the white tiles in your bathroom could be complemented by a black tap, a black showerhead and shower taps, and black wall tile accents. This creates a striking effect using only two colours and just the essential bathroom fixtures.

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Bathtubs to complete the Scandi bathroom look

If you have room in your bathroom for more than just the essentials, a bathtub is a very effective way to complete your Scandinavian aesthetic. A well-placed bathtub which fits the theme can become the focal point of your bathroom and elevate it to a new level. When choosing a bathtub in a Scandi style, a freestanding tub can be a really powerful choice. Try to go for a traditional, simple and symmetrical shape for your bath, such as an oval or rectangle, depending on the design of the rest of the room. Make sure to match the bath taps with the rest of the bathroom!

A well-designed Scandinavian bathroom can quickly become the most peaceful and beautiful room in the house. You may find it so serene that the underlying concepts of Scandinavian minimalism creep out into the rest of your home. Before you know it you’ll be living in an idyllic Scandi style dwelling!

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