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The lineage of leather is quite impressive and dates back longer than most people can imagine. It was only after many years that man realized he needed clothing and shelter. Animal skin turned out to be a great alternative to tree leaves in most cases.

Slowly, generation after generation with a series of experiments, leather became what we know it as today. As various materials were synthesized as replacements to the elite animal hide, leather became more of an element of a luxury than a necessity.

Today, as it was in dominant cultures, leather is being used as the core material for jackets, shoes, gloves, and what’s more—furniture upholstery. The flexible and rigid material constitutes an excellent medium for designer chairs and couches. This valued commodity is highly popular among the elite classes. Here are a few pointers of history, tradition, and guidelines as to how and why leather is so desirable as furniture upholstery.

Best luxury furnishing to invest in

Find out some of the handpicked luxury furnishing options that you’d love to add to your home or office décor:

1. Club Chair

Club chairs, also known as the accent chairs, not only provide the extra seating space but also enable its buyer to curl up on it at any time in his home. Moreover, it’s not just about the comfort—the décor of your living room will multiply manifold as you bring a couple of these beautiful leather chairs into your home.

There are many different kinds of club chairs out there that you need to be aware of before you go out to buy them. Getting them without research can turn out to belabor made under the wrong impression. The most popular one is the Royal Club Chair, which will add a French style to your home décor. In these chairs, the backrest goes a tad lower and is only as high as the armrest.

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2. Bradington Young Furniture

Bradington Young makes one of the most comfortable and unbelievably good looking chairs. These seaters have been dedicatedly designed for providing luxurious comfort. The homely leather upholstery helps you relax after a tiring day and helps you in connecting with your family culture. These elite sofas and chairs are made using only the most premium quality leather.

Each piece of furniture gets meticulously handcrafted with enduring leather material. Bradington Young furniture includes club chairs, recliners, sectionals and a lot many other different varieties. Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture include a large variety of Bradington Young chairs. It goes without saying that if you want to bring a sense of charm into your home, these are the ones to go for us.

3. Counter Stool

We generally find Counter Stools beside bar counters or beside that of the kitchen. They have been designed in such a way that it only goes along with a table. While there are counter chairs that are made up of cot and cane and others made out of wood and metal, they barely serve their purpose.

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The core purpose of any furniture with seating capacity is to provide comfort and look inviting. Any back support that is only dependent on a few metal rods doesn’t sound much like a luxurious object rather than an object fulfilling its user’s bare necessity. Leather upholstered counter chairs will not only provide an excellent seating station but will also leave a lasting impression on your guests.

4. Greek Leather Couch

In ancient Greece, the most practical furniture was made out of stone and wood. They used maple, yew, and oak to make the basic skeleton of the sofas and chairs. With time, like what we call today as sofas were developed to solve the problem of comfort and not be a simple object of strictly utilitarian use.

Greeks developed fillings for these sofas and furnished them with wool, silk, and leather. It’s important to note here that the latter became far more prevalent and today we find this elite furniture only in the houses of wealthy people. It is also important to note that the Greek was the first to develop these sofas almost three thousand years ago.

5. Italian Sofas

The whole world knows that the Italians have mastered the art of luxury. With the best food to the fastest cars, it all happens in this beautiful south European country. The Italian sofas, especially the leather upholstered ones, are most definitely eye-catchers.

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From the round bottom, two-seater Amalia to the crowd friendly Selva, all these couches are family-friendly. These not only are relatively budget-friendly, ironically they add the premium, luxury bit to the otherwise utilitarian sofas made everywhere else in the world. The Icaro variety has an exceptionally unique design, with joints and sockets in the couch moving around to give it a peculiarly elegant shape and feel.

6. Cabriole Sofas

There are many different kinds of sofas and comfortable chairs out in the market, and somehow, the Cabriole stands out the most. These sofas were designed centuries ago in Europe and have a beautiful royal appearing tinge in them. Mostly having the maximum capacity of two people to sit, the legs of these beautiful art pieces are wooden with a royal bend. The furnishing can vary in terms of material yet traditionally it has always been leather upholstery.

After the due process of drying, salting, and tanning, the hide is then pigmented to give the required color to the material. The leather is then cut into the required size and is plastered only at the back and for the seats of the sofa.

7. Mid-Century Modern Sofas

While in Cabriole sofas the armrest and the legs are left bare except for the ornamental carvings on the wood, the mid-century modern sofas are quite a different story to tell. These sofas are the perfect combination of the ancient culture and the current, minimalistic fervor.

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Mostly accepted and liked in the black shade, these are the sofas we imagine when we close our eyes. These are comfortable without being too bulky. Neither too slowly drawn with floral patterns, nor rolled over on the edges, and these are perfect if you are looking for a minimalist sofa for your spotless apartment overlooking the sea.

8. Sectional Sofas

Over the years these modern sofas have taken over our culture and we never really pointed the finger at it. These sofas are mostly for houses which expect a lot of guests or the ones that have a lot of people living in them. Nevertheless, it’s never just about the utility of it.

If you are into bringing a giant multi-seater to your home, go with it. It’s bound to bring character to your house, letting your guests know about how you always dream big. While mostly furnished in fabric, many still like the feel of leather in their sofas. The material tends to catch dirt sooner anyway.

Final thoughts

There is a wide variety of sofas out there, each with their utilities, each with their unique theme. Invest time in finding your aesthetic and stick to it. Let your whole home be shapearound that theme. And always remember, it doesn’t matter what you are after this furniture hunting season. Be it a kitchen counter stool or a club chair—as long as it is an excellent leather piece, your beautiful home will remain elegant.


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