Casa Vale Do Lobo in Southern Portugal

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This Arqui+ Arquitectura project is set in Vale Do Lobo, Algarve, Portugal. It spans over a 6,450-sq-ft property and includes a state-of-the-art cantilevered infinity pool.

The U-shaped building creates the central courtyard and also delimitates the private and public areas. The architects chose as a main focus element of the house the infinity swimming pool. It is suspended over the courtyard and generates a cascade of water that flows into the lower level pool. Water also flows into the spa area inside the house into the indoor pool. Besides the sculptural effect of these pools and cascades of water, the continuous stream creates a relaxing sound.

Opaque and see-through walls are used in the design of this residence to create a fortress-like façade. Just like the pool water, spaces flow one into the other, from the interior to the exterior. Sliding doors were used to create this feeling of openness and connection.

The structure of the building leaves an L-shaped space for living spaces and bedrooms. All the 5 bedrooms are connected by the living area, purposely placed on an intermediate level. A glass cube that appears to be suspended became a sitting space that offers the perfect view and some interestingly positioned entertainment facilities: a small pool, a terrace and a barbeque are always ready on the top of this cube for receiving guests.

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Other facilities for this property include: a game room, a spa, a home cinema, a two-car garage, and service rooms.

Photos by FG + SG Architectural Photography

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