Colorful Apartment in Budapest

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Created for a couple who lives near the Belgian-Luxembourgian border, but who visits Budapest quite often, this unconventional apartment has only about 753 square feet of space. The owners found it in a terrible condition, so they had to demolish all walls, change all flooring, and remove every original appliance.

The space was irregular, and there was no possibility to create traditional, rectangular rooms. This, however, was not a problem for the owners, who were actually happy to go beyond conventions with their new dwelling. In order to create the impression of extra spaciousness, they chose to dress the entire space in white, and add shiny surfaces that would reflect light.

Then, to avoid the feeling of a sterile space, they added splashes of bright colors that completely changed the dynamics of the design. With a master bedroom, a guestroom, two bathrooms, two toilets, and a generous living/dining/kitchen area, this apartment is truly remarkable.

Photos by: Opitz Tomas

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