Cozy Lahas Zone by CROX International

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
I'm Jane, a writer fascinated by houses. My stories are about the magic of homes and the people in them. Let's explore the secrets and joys houses hold, and discover the amazing stories behind every door. Come join me on this house-loving adventure!

The following property is not a house, it’s more of a showroom named Lahas Zone. It was originally an old factory, then renovated and transformed into a place that maintains the green design.

The main purpose of the project was to achieve a showroom with a ‘Subtle happiness’ air, an idea that comes from the famous author Haruki Murakami, meaning:“Though it’s subtle and maybe pedestrian, it’s a feeling of happiness that you’re completely sure of.”.

Once somebody enters inside, all the attention is captured by the floor and the three story high ceiling that overwhelms the eyesight.

Despite its grandiose aspect, the place is very welcoming and everyone can step by and enjoy a coffee while reading a good book or enjoying a nice chat with some old friends. That’s what the CROX Internationa Co. tried to express by ‘Subtle happiness’.

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