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Bookworms understand the struggle for keeping organizing and taking care of their book collection. However, it can be especially challenging if your apartment is small and there is not enough space for proper shelving. Compounding the challenge is that many libraries have metal roofs to help protect the books from the elements. While homeowners can get similar roofs by placing a custom order from Metal Master Shop, those who are renting cannot. Despite this, there are ways you can manage a lot of books in a small apartment.

Here are some practical ideas to utilize the spaces and manage a home library. You might not have a full-fledged library, but you will still have a cozy reading space and all of your books organized.

Turn everything into a bookshelf

The first step is to use every horizontal place as a bookshelf. Pick the furniture for your home that has places over and under to use as bookshelf — and then put your books there.

The wall behind the sofa

A living room decorated with books has a real charm. You will get the cozy feeling on the sofa when there are shelves behind you. Get the wooden shelves build at smaller depths and organize your books on it. Cover the full length and fill it creatively.

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Don’t forget the lamp

A lamp at the side table or on any of the shelf is a must for a library so you can read anytime you want to. You can also use a hanging lamp focused on the sofa or the place of reading.


Under the bed

You should only put the books that you mostly read or consult on the shelf. Put the rest of the books in a space under the bed in a creative way. You may want to get shelves built to put them in an organized manner and also access the books easily. The books will be safe there. As a bonus, they won’t get dusty and will also support the bed.

Be Brutal

You need to be a little brutal to manage library in a small home. Sometimes you have to make a choice between getting rid of some books by giving them away, or paring down other possessions, such as clothing, to make more room.

If books are truly your priority so you can use your closets for storing books. Spare a small portion for clothing and use the rest for books. You can also avoid putting decoration up and use books instead.

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Organize Books Wisely

Consider the space and decide whether to put them vertically or horizontally. Separate and arrange the books with hard and soft covers. Horizontally placed books take lesser space than vertically placed ones. Efficiently use the available space and also make it handy to pick something to read without effort.

Use the Hallway


Hallways have no other purpose than from moving from one room to another. It is one of the best places in a small apartment to use for adding shelves and turning the hallway into a library. This can also make the passageway look more attractive.

Room Separator Bookshelf

Create a room divider with a shelf. You can use one room for multiple purposes and also display some books in the space provided.

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