Different Types of Tiles You Should Consider For Your Home

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When decorating any part of your home or business, you may be thinking of using tiles for your floors and walls. They come in different patterns and sizes to match any purpose and they are easy to install and clean. 

 Types of Tiles

But, tile shopping is actually complicated because today, there are quite a lot of tile choices to choose from. Each one of these options offer different benefits, which may be important to know if you plan to use them in a certain room or wall. But if you want to have the best tile for your home, you may check GIB Tiling Perth and they will give you the best that they’ve got.

Down below is a quick rundown of the types of tiles you can buy in the market and what you need to know about them:


Ceramic tiles are the most popular tiles many homes, offices and businesses use and are one of the oldest types of tiles still in use today. To make these tiles, tile makers use either white or red clay that has a unique glaze to add patterns to its surface. The clay will then be baked inside a kiln in high temperatures so the glaze can fuse well with the material. 

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Once they are used, ceramic tiles are long-lasting and easy to maintain, making it the ideal wall tile to use for bathrooms and kitchens. It is also great for flooring due to its easy maintenance and installation. 


Porcelain tiles are known for being able to absorb water by 0.5%. The reason for this absorption quality is because of the materials used to make porcelain and how they are made. Porcelain is made from fine clay and baked at a higher temperature to make them hard and heavy. Thanks to this fact, they work well for both floors and walls. 

Porcelain tiles come in two types. 

Glazed porcelain tiles are the most popular type of porcelain tiles in the market. Like ceramic tiles, glazed porcelain tiles have glaze patterns which mimic various designs like wood, natural stone or marble. These patterns won’t fade away easily even from water, wear and stains. As a result, it is great to use around the house. 

Unglazed porcelain, meanwhile, does not have glaze in them which gives it a more richer color. They are also durable, making them the ideal tile to use for busy areas like bars, shops and kitchen. At home, it will look great in living rooms and kitchen floors. 

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The Ancient Greeks and Romans were the first people to introduce mosaics in homes and art. Mosaics are a collection of small tiles arranged in a certain pattern. Once it is placed on a wall or floor, it is glued down with grout. When you look at the final product, you will see the final image. 

Mosaic tiles are made from either stone, ceramic, pebbles, glass or porcelain. It also comes in various shapes to help designers create an image easily without having to cut the pieces  themselves. 

Usually, mosaic tiles are used on walls and on areas where there is a need for extra support. For example, you can use them in between the shower and the sink. 


Encaustic tiles were developed in the Victorian times and used six different colored clays so people can create all sorts of patterns. Some of these floor tiles come with handcrafted patterns that add more effects on the surface. If you want to give your homes and floors a classic touch, this is the tile to get. 

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Did you know cement can also be used as tiles? Cement tiles are made of cured cement that are molded into tiles. Many people loved it since it was introduced in the beginning of the 20th century because they look very warm to look at and their patterns look handmade. It is ideal to use these tiles for small spaces because of their design. 

Natural Stone

Natural stones have long been used as wall and floor tiles for thousands of years. They are made from quarried stones such as quartz and marble and they are suitable for rooms where you want to show some class and luxury. However, these tiles can be very expensive and require careful installation. 

Fortunately, there are alternatives that you can use which mimic natural stone tiles. They are made from synthetic materials that are also durable like natural stone tiles. 


Finally, terracotta tiles are perfect for people looking to add some rustic touches in their homes. It is made from special clay which is baked in a kiln or dried naturally under the sun. But, it is prone to stains and wear the longer it is used. 

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Final Words

Tiles are a great way to add style in your walls and floors because of the variety it offers. But, before you shop, do your research about them and check if it will match your room’s needs perfectly. 

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