Environmental Design for a Buenos Aires Home

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Jane Mullock
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Fritz + Fritz Arquitectos had this 300 sq m space to create a family home in Avenida Nordelta, Buenos Aires. The concept of the house revolves around the orientation of the house and the environmental elements.

To achieve independence between the different parts of the residence a two-leveled structure was designed. On the outside it appears like two rectangular areas were positioned one on top of the other, creating a span of 12 m. The ground floor had to be completely integrated with the outside so the common area opens through a covered terrace to the pool and the garden. The common area at the base of the structure includes the kitchen, living and dining in one single place. On the upper floor there are the bedrooms and private spaces.

The materials for this house were wood and concrete. The textures underline the concept of connecting the environment to the interior of the house.

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