North African Inspired Residence in Texas


Who would expect a Moroccan home in Houston, Texas? More over a 20,000 sq ft one with all the luxury that comes with the $5,900,000 price?

This private Texas ryad specific to the North African dessert includes 8 bedrooms and 10 baths. The entire residence expands over 3.80 acres, including the fenced swimming pool of Olympic dimensions, the garden, the six-car garage, the staff’s quarters, and the central courtyard inside the house.

The interior design is a masterpiece in reproducing Moroccan regal elegance with reception areas, mirrored concave ceilings, in-home fountains, double-height doors at the entrance, marble floors, and handmade carved wood furniture. The formal rooms have some European inspiration if we consider the fireplaces or the Italian silk used for the furniture’s tapestry. Separated from the social areas there are the family rooms with two separate kitchens, staircase, the master suites and the bedrooms.

To complete this noble home there is an electronic touch-screen system controlling and automating almost everything inside the house. It’s an easy way to control everything from the lights to the five security cameras.


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