Charged Voids Designed House in India


Architects at Charged Voids created this 500 sq m home in Chandigarh, India. The concept of the house revolved around the necessity to split the house in two, since it was designed for two brothers, but without actually separating them.

Another aspect of this residence is the attempt to create an interior space that is connected to the exterior. It combines design elements from both the Western and Eastern houses. What the architects always had in mind was to protect the house from the weather conditions that tend to get harsh in that area.

Since the site wasn’t that large and the client desired a large and luxurious home, the house had to be built around two axes: a horizontal one and a vertical one. The vertical axis is the one creating more space, since the horizontal one was limited to begin with. The boundaries of the horizontal axis became the two courtyards.

The ground level was designed for one brother, while the second level was inhabited by the other. Therefore, placing the staircase next to the entrance was a natural decision to create the necessary degree of privacy for both brothers.

To connect the interior design and exterior landscape the architects opted for glass walls and natural elements. For example, cobbles and stone created textures that go perfectly with wood.

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