Essential Facts Everyone Should Know About Rubber Flooring In Children Play Area

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Rubber flooring is a popular choice for many playgrounds as it is soft and has a certain amount of ‘bounce’ in it. This helps to absorb shocks and reduce any injuries to children when they trip and fall

Of course, if you are considering rubber playground flooring it is important to choose a high-quality expert as they will ensure the floor is properly laid. It is a more expensive option but if you are creating a play area for children then you should consider using it. Rubber flooring is an excellent investment.

Environmentally Friendly

You are probably aware that environmental concerns are becoming an increasingly popular topic. There is a good reason for this, humans are damaging the environment and need to take steps to prevent the damage from getting worse.

That means that sustainable or environmentally friendly products are increasingly popular. What may surprise you is that rubber flooring falls into this category.

Rubber comes from the rubber tree. It can be harvested sustainably and the tree lives to produce more. Alongside this, many factories are recycling old rubber products, including car tires which there is an abundance of. This means rubber flooring isn’t just sustainable, it is also reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

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Easy Installation

You will need to level the surface to make the most of your rubber flooring but once you have the sub-base sorted rubber flooring is very easy to install. Rubber tiles usually incorporate an interlocking system that securely holds the tiles together. It is also possible to glue the rubber in place.


Rubber flooring is water-resistant. That means the water sits on the surface and can be angled slightly to ensure it drains effectively. The fact that it is water-resistant means that it won’t be damaged in the rain. In short, using a rubber flooring means your flooring should last for years.


You know the rubber flooring is soft, allowing children to fall on it without injuring themselves. This also means that you can walk on it barefoot if necessary. That can make it a lot easier and more fun for children to play.

In addition, rubber is naturally grippy. It will help to ensure you or your child doesn’t fall over, even in the wet.

No Maintenance

Surprisingly, rubber flooring needs no maintenance. Once it is down it can stay in-situ almost indefinitely and you don’t need to do anything to look after it. Of course, sweeping is a good idea and you may want to reapply the wax to prevent staining, but that’s it.

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Color Options

You may think of rubber flooring as black but it actually comes in a variety of formats, including red and green. That means you can create the exact look you want, whether doing the flooring in your garden or a kid’s playground.

In short, rubber flooring is the perfect option for children’s safety, the right look, level of maintenance, and environmental concerns.

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