Flower Window Boxes: Choose the Right Window Boxes for Your Home

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The Flower Window Boxes brand (PVC window box collection) is an assortment series of premier durable window boxes at competitive prices. We arrange our window boxes in various ways to match a broad selection. The selection includes architectural styles, including vintage, modern, farm-inspired, and minimal contemporary looks.

These high-quality PVC window boxes are produced from sturdy material. It can be painted in any color of your choice. Our window planters are the lowest price you’ll find in the market. They will greatly improve the look of your residence and enrich your curb appeal. Flower window boxes are the absolute best in the world!

From Custom Window Boxes to Porch, Deck, and Railing Planters

At Flower Window Boxes, we also offer planter products and home goods. It includes planters that measure any length from 16 to 20 feet. Our standard-size planter boxes are designed to accommodate a variety of flowers. Meanwhile, we also sell XL-sized planters, which are taller and deeper to provide more room for root growth.

Exceptions to our mix of products include the sizes we retain in stock at discounted prices and periodically honor with promotions. PVC flower boxes, planters, and deck railing recess holders are all made to order. Therefore, they are prepared to meet your criteria or fit the interiors of your property. We specialize in duplicating even existing flower boxes or structures on the outside of your house.

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The most competitive price for your flower boxes is what you get at Flower Window Boxes. We also sell custom and standard size PVC window boxes to boost your house’s interior design. You can have a look at our top choice of PVC window boxes by clicking the link.

Types of Window Boxes: Paintable, Self-Watering, and No-Rot PVC Window Boxes

A variety of paintable, self-watering, and no-rot PVC window boxes are available at Flower Window Boxes that are as follow:

Outdoor Planter Boxes – Water-saving PVC Planters

Flower Window Boxes is a leading manufacturer of all-weather plastic planter boxes. These boxes are durable enough to survive yearlong freezing temperatures. Our durable PVC boxes are crafted from a sturdy, low-maintenance material. That’s resistant to decay caused by rotting, moisture, and pests like termites. They are also durable enough to be left outside in the winter.

The “better than the wood concept” means our planters are made to remain rot-free and are individually warranted. There is a range of double, oblong, trough, and rectangular planters, custom sizes, and configurations. It allows you to get virtually any type of planter you would like.

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You can choose from hundreds of PVC planter box heights and width choices. It ranges from 24-inch boxes to 72-inch large boxes. Larger sizes can also be created with fast turnaround custom orders. Like our window boxes, all planter boxes can be customized with a self-watering planter option. Decreasing watering frequency can help you save time caring for your plants.

Outstanding Features of our customizable PVC planters

The many other great things about our company’s PVC planters are that they offer a complete makeover of your indoor and outdoor spaces. The other features are as follows:

  • It has a lifespan of up to 150 years and never rots like wood.
  • Paint to match your home or leave it unpainted (comes in solid white).
  • Self-watering planter box option helps reduce how often you water the plant.
  • Up to 16-foot planters won’t crack or warp during winter freezes, and you can plant all year around.

Self Watering Window Boxes

Self watering window boxes have become incredibly popular. Since they can maintain your window boxes and flower pots, they will look great even if you aren’t here to keep regular maintenance. With self-watering reservoir systems, you can spend more time on vacation, irrespective of whether the plants will fade or die.

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Our patented wicking reservoirs are equipped with built-in infrastructure. They help our PVC flower boxes and planters retain water without filling them. The variety of lengths we offer for our reservoirs makes them ideal for all of our custom-size PVC flower window boxes and planters.

You can store up to an additional gallon of water or more water below the root and aggressively it gradually in the soil 3-5 times less frequently.

Custom Window Boxes

Flower Window Boxes is excited to make your supplier of no-decomposing, economical custom-made window boxes. Now there is a multitude of window measurements, and finding a window box that fits your window is essential for it to look right.

Outside your windows, only settle for something small enough – order a custom flower box from us right now. You’ll receive the item tailor-made for you at a direct price from the manufacturer. You will be offered less costly custom floral boxes in a few weeks.

Benefits of getting window boxes from Flower Window Boxes

Our PVC window boxes feature several improvements over wood and vinyl planters, such as:

  • Custom window box sizes up to 16 feet long are available in 14 standard styles.
  • Solid, non-porous material does not significantly warp or crack during regular winter freezes.
  • Our window boxes are shipped already assembled and do not require any assembly on your part.
  • Our window boxes are guaranteed never to develop a moldy odor or experience further deterioration due to UV exposure or exposure to moisture.
  • Once applied, sealable to any exterior style: Looks like wood and can be painted to match shutters, trim, or siding.
  • Our superior construction can make for a more stable window box installation thanks to our sturdy window box window installation. Promotes Listed Equipment Offers FREE brackets on advertised sizes!
  • Optional self-watering window box reservoirs triple the watering frequency compared to conventional watering boxes.
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Final Verdict

Flower Window Boxes offers a great selection of window box types to suit all kinds of homes. There is something available for every space, from custom window boxes to porch, deck, and railing planters. Their website is easy to navigate and provides valuable advice on selecting the correct type of window box for your home. With competitive prices, a great selection, and reliable customer service, Flower Window Boxes have a lot to offer homeowners looking for ways to enhance their outdoor spaces.

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