Historical Residence in New Jersey

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Situated in New Jersey, United States, the Historic Schiff Estate is an example of elegance and style.

The residence expands over 15,000 sq ft and has a total of 21 rooms. The exterior is set on 5.8 acres and has spectacular English gardens and patios, lawns and stone paved drive-troughs. The house offers a magnificent view over Lake Therese and Schiff Nature Preserve.

With a magnificent courtyard made of cobblestone, the house features lovely interiors, which are only more beautiful than the exterior because of their impressive attention to details. Wood flooring, painted ceiling, large living and dining rooms, decorated tapestry for the chairs, are all elements that re-create the sense of preciousness for this Pleasant Valley home.

What is sure about it is that it will make any owner feel like a royalty! The price for this 1914 estate is $4,299,900.

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