Mirindibas House in Brazil

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Studio MK27Marcio Kogan is the company behind this 8,956 sq ft home in Sao Paulo. The architects designed a contemporary unique home having as central elements river stone and wood.

Mirindibas House has two levels, but it’s the first level that gives the house a surprising look. It is a social area with two opposite walls missing, thus giving the impression that the second level is levitating on top of this blank space. More bizarrely interesting, this open space living starts with a large wood terrace with walls that creates a demarcation point between the terrace and garden. The use of walls for the exterior space leaves the impression of privacy, while the lack of walls for the interior spaces signifies the opposite.

The second floor has thick walls of wood and they hide the bedrooms and bathrooms, private space for the owners. On top of this floor there is a roof terrace limited by glass guard rail.

The concept behind this contemporary home is the combination of open space with the privacy of a home. The architects worked on this idea and the house that resulted is great for parties or for nights of hanging with your friends in the living room. You’ll have everything there: the large couch, the terrace, an in-wall small art gallery, and the pool.

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