Beautiful Waterfall House In Austin, Texas

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Sketched out by Dick Clark + Associates, the Waterfall House is a private home that was built on an elevated location on the hills of West Lake in Austin, Texas. The residence offers exceptional panoramas of Austin as well as comfortable, spacious living arrangements.

Clearly, this is a house that was built to impress. It boasts floor-to-ceiling windows as well as a prominent staircase with wooden steps that links its floors and ensures quick and easy access to some of the most important private and social areas.

The living room and the kitchen are a part of the same space, and they also include a dining area with a table for six or more. There is also a covered terrace as well as a very impressive infinity pool that can be used to enjoy a relaxing swim while taking in the gorgeous views of the city.

From the architect:

A residence tucked away in the rolling hills of West Lake. This home is designed around the skyline to provide a seamless, panoramic view of Austin. Glass is a predominant feature, which extends from floor to ceiling wherever possible. This allow for a blurring of the lines between interior and exterior spaces. Features include a prominent stair, a spacious living room/kitchen, a covered terrace and infinity pool that all cater to the view.


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