Fraser House in Ottawa


The Fraser residence is in Ontario and it was designed by Christopher Simmonds, a Canadian architect. With an obvious inspiration from a Rubik’s cube, this modern home was created out of juxtaposed cube-like spaces.

The sloppy landscape was an excuse to hide the garage in the lower part of the house. From the street, the viewer can admire this house with a caved porch and a see-through living. The upper level includes the bedrooms and bathrooms.

On the exterior, the different spaces of the house have a specific color given by the materials used. For example, the upper level has wood panels, while the lower level front is made out of glass. Other materials used for this residence are brick in shades of earth-grey and a darker shade of aluminum.

The pool in the backcourt is connected to the house. It appears to be incorporated in the house the entire lower level is perfect for parties. There is a bar and a large couch, and the large glass walls offer a view over the pool.

A simple white-based interior design gives this home the elegance it needs for simple living or for a great social life. The white walls dominate the inside color palette, but it is softened by the dark wood flooring and glass staircase.

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