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Jane Mullock
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Choosing the right fence for the house is primarily a problem of architecture. There are also many questions, which have an answer that must be prefigured before deciding over the fence we choose.

The fence is not a matter of indifference. For new homes, but also for the old ones, the shape and the characteristics are determined by urban rules that are quite restrictive for some areas. The urban planners are considering several aspects: to be aesthetic, to harmonize with the adjacent constructions (and fences) and to perfectly fit in the area. In general, the height regime and the material form which the fence is made, are determined by the Urbanism Certificate and building permit issued by the town hall.


The fence must be chosen in accordance with the architecture of your home and the environment. If you have a house with Mediterranean influence, we suggest you opt for a stone fence. In the mountains or for a wooden house, the wood will be the ideal solution for a fence.


The perfect solution would be a mix between the wish of the owner and the style that was chosen with the architectonic register illustrated by the street, neighborhood or city.

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