How to get Wi-Fi to every corner of your house?

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In today’s situation, it seems like the internet is the most essential. It has become like a family member. It is given the highest priority in some houses. In this kind of situation, the major problem for many of them would be getting Wi-Fi in every nook and corner of the house. But yes, this problem is a common problem for many of the households now. The shape of the room or the shape of the building does not matter in this issue. There are many solutions to this issue.

A little movement is better

The first step you can try is moving your router. By moving the router around your house, you can definitely get a better signal strength. This is mainly because by moving the router, you may place it somewhere in a central location of your house thereby getting a better signal or you might even place it in a location that might be near to the devices that might be accessing your device.

Also, it would be difficult for signals to pass through walls made of brick or concrete. Signals reaching the other side of this kind of a wall may be weak. Also, devices that use electromagnetic radiation may hinder the strength of these signals.

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So, in order to avoid these kinds of problems, you can try new positions in your router and it will give you good results.

Updating firmware

Now, once you have moved your router and if it is not giving proper results then you may want to update your router firmware. Also, before this, please know that new devices with new technology will be able to acquire the signal faster than the older devices. The newer devices might have better signal receivers than the older ones. It is just like our mobile phones. The newer phones will have fewer signals receiving capacity. Now, updating your router firmware might be dependent on the model and make of your manufacturer. Although, most of the routers available at present are built in such a fashion so as to be able to update their firmware. Sometimes, for older models, you might have to download the firmware update from the corresponding website and add it to your administration interface in the router. This is a very good tip to be followed. This tip holds good for both wireless and wired routers. You can try and make this update regularly so that you will never have to worry about the signal issue.

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Range Extenders really work

In addition to this, you might try the new range-extending devices as well. Nowadays you get the best WI-FI range extender. It is also known as the WI-FI booster. This device is responsible for improving the performance of the WI-FI routers that we have at home. This device repeats the signals from the router and this is how it expands the signal coverage. The repeated signals are resent to the areas where there might be fewer signals. This way the performance and the signal strength will be good.

Now for those who are wondering to know how the WI-FI router range extender is set up, here are the ways. Even though these devices are affordable now, the set up process for these devices has always been a little tricky. Follow these steps and you can sure that your house dead spots will be covered using these extenders. This will give access to the entire house and also the areas around your house.

The Position is most important

The trickiest part in setting up these extenders will be with the positioning. The positioning of these devices requires a lot of trial and error methods. You might try positioning the device in several places and check. The antennas in the extender device can also be adjusted and get a better signal. There are devices that come with removable antennas and with such devices you can try to swap between the antennas and this would give good results. The reflector devices are also available. Trying these devices alternatively may give better results too. Sometimes, placing the router range extender at a height, maybe on top of a cupboard will give good signal strength throughout the house.

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Wired vs. wireless

The wired routers always give better signal strength as they are more secure. Setting up a good password for your device also gives better strength. Passwords that are tough to guess are always better because this would not allow unknown users from using your connection. This might also hinder the speed of your device.

Different names for different devices

When you are using an extender, it is better to give a different name and log in credentials for your router and extender. This is because the signals get overlapped when the names and other details are the same. Choosing a different name is always a better choice.

Try the new mesh

The last tip that is offered would be to try a mesh system. The mesh WI-FI system will give seamless connectivity in the nook and corners of your house. They are like a complete replacement of the routers instead of just extending the signals. But the major issue of this mesh system is that it becomes expensive when compared to the others and also the larger the place you are trying to cover the amount also becomes bigger. It would require multiple nodes for a bigger place.

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The above tips would definitely help you get better results than the one which you are using now. You have to first find the actual problem. Only then you will be able to get the optimum results as well. Once the problem is found, then based on the above tips, you can try for the simpler ones first and then take it forward for the other steps when the previous does not work.

With the technology driven world, when internet is the primary need of many, the above write up is definitely going to be a savior for many. Happy surfing!

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