How to Make an Artesian Well from an Old Tire


We’re fans of innovation and creation, so we love seeing old and unnecessary things turn into new and useful decorative objects. This time it’s about a tractor tire, quite old that was no longer used. Probably, most of you would throw it away, but we present you a better way of using an old tire, under the form of an artesian well.

Materials you need: a small or a large tire. A cutter, but take care that cutting the tire can be a real problem due to the fact that it has a wire on the inside. Use an electric saw.

After you’ve cut the tire, you must search for a place where to dig a hole larger than the tire and on the bottom of the hole you must put some sand.

Place the tire in the hole and cover it with a plastic sheet or even with a rubber wrap. There are dozens of foils for the pools on the market that you can use for better quality and more durable resistance.

You need a water propellant and some river stones or mountain stones that can be easily found if you live near the mountains or you can buy them from a specialty store at affordable prices.

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