How To Significantly Lower Your Pool Maintenance Costs

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A swimming pool is a strategic part of your property. With the pool, you have the luxury to relax by taking a dip whenever you want. Covering the space strategically, swimming pools enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house. Owning a swimming pool has multiple benefits, as well as costs. While it raises the worth of your property, you will need to invest some money in its upkeep. Meanwhile, fibreglass swimming pools are more manageable, safe and cost-effective than concrete pools.

All kinds of pools require preservation and protection from the weather, external factors, and changes in the environment, which impact the pool finish, and water quality over time. Periodic maintenance, thus, is a mandatory exercise for all kinds of swimming pools. Installed in different sizes, whether it’s a fibreglass or concrete pool, the cost of  revamping can be quite high. Hence taking preventive measures for keeping the swimming pools well protected in the first place is a better option. So How much does a fibreglass pool cost to run? and what are the best ways to maintain your swimming pool?

Ways for pool maintenance

While planning for a pool, a lot of people don’t pay heed to measures that will prove productive in the long term. To start with, the ways below effectively reduce the pool maintenance costs and keep you free of worries.

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 Adopt pool automation techniques

Track and monitor the swimming pool health with automation. Go for a swimming pool health check application that displays complete information on water temperature, pool heating control, lights control etc. Being able to see the status of the pool will help you figure out when to go for fixing.

Pool heating system

Most people living in colder climates choose the installation of a pool heating system. Solar panels, solar mats or EDPM, or heat pump can help the water heat up. Solar panels prove sustainable in the long term in comparison with electric heating pumps. Verifying the best pool heating system that is compatible with the pool size and climate can help in lowering your maintenance costs considerably.

Manage pool maintenance needs

Pool covers

Pool covers help reduce the amount of dirt and dust that can get into your swimming pool. Experts say that pool covers reduce water evaporation by up to 50% when covered. Good quality pool covers also protect pools from excess cold and heat, protecting not only the water quality but also the enamels of the pool. Pool covers are available in automatic, solid and mesh. It is recommended to check the type and size of your pool before selecting a pool cover.

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Wind reduction

Swiping winds can fasten water evaporation, reducing the level of water in the pool. Thus, planning the placement of the swimming pool around an open area will only increase water consumption. You will be required to pump in more and more water into the pool every now and then. Think of a strategic location for your pool, where strong winds don’t play spoilsport. Or, you can also introduce a wind break. For instance, the construction of a multi-purpose wall will break the wind gusts and obstruct the evaporation process.

Pool maintenance requirements

Larger pool filter

A pool filter helps in pumping the water inside the pool. A large pool filter will work well for small and big sized pools, with equal propensity. It will also work efficiently in pumping in more water at a time. Saving electricity costs to a significant extent, large pool filters will ensure that water levels are healthy and as per recommendation.

Water pumping design

 Along with choosing fibreglass for a swimming pool, choosing an efficient water pumping design will solve many challenges for you in the future. A straightforward, good quality, and reliably equipped water pumping design will save you maintenance costs for the future. So, discuss with a pool expert beforehand, and choose a system of water pumping most suitable and customizable for your swimming pool.

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Other maintenance options

Pool sanitation

Ozone-based UV sanitation systems work best for the sanitation of the swimming pool. It is better to go for less chemical-based water cleaners. Chlorine-based cleaners clean the pool but lower the quality of natural water to a good extent. Ozone-based UV sanitation, thus, works best in keeping the natural state of water.

LED pool lights

Lighting the pool is required, and therefore, choosing energy-efficient options like LED lights can reduce the annual maintenance cost and help you save energy. LED lights are easily available and provide more customization options. Avoid over-installing lighting equipment to illuminate the pool and look for LED options only. It will cut your bills by almost 70-80%. The replacement need for LED-based lights is also reasonably priced.

Pool Finish

Good quality pool finish with appropriate cement coverage lengthens the life of your swimming pool. Opt for a long-lasting and cost-effective pool finish that is low on maintenance cost. Also, check the details like pool finish color. A darker pool finish will attract more heat and will result in quick evaporation.

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Vulnerabilities and persistent pool issues can be reduced with smart planning. For which, maintenance doesn’t have to be a costly affair. Swimming pools are assets that require regular maintenance, incurring considerable expenses on owners.

However, planning and steps relieve us from spending a fortune on complete renovations or re-installations. For maintaining the pool and keeping it clean, you should always think from a long-term perspective and avoid quick fixes. These fixes will solve the problem for the time, however, they mushroom up again.

Taking expert opinion and advice will also enlighten you on how and what will work best as per your pool requirement. For sustainability and to cut pool maintenance costs, the above ways will do wonders in the long term. Factors such as water filter, water quality, supply mechanism, and temperature can significantly impact the experience and maintaining the swimming pool.

As it is quoted, that prevention is a better option above any sort of quick fix – planning to build an environmentally friendly and sustainable pool is the way to go ahead. Thinking futuristic will also prevent water or light issues, which can, over time, make your swimming pool prone to issues.

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