5 Handy Tips for Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

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Summers spent well in a pool are the summers worth remembering for a long time. The pool helps you to blow off steam and spend quality time with friends and family. But keeping the pool clean after a few uses is a task in itself. It can be tricky, especially if this is the first time cleaning has come up after you have installed a fiberglass pool.

Here a few tried and tested tips that will work irrespective of the pool’s size and location. Follow these, and you will be able to maintain the hygiene of your pool without fail.

1. Water levels

Your pool’s chemistry depends on the amount of water present in it at any time. Splashing can reduce the water level. On a hot day, a lot of water can evaporate easily, which reduces the water level. Windy days and heavy downpour cause their own set of problems when it comes to the water levels.

Your goal must be to keep the water level above the skimmer’s opening. If the level drop below this, you can always add water through a hose. If the water is too high, you can always give your filter a good wash. This would depend on the type of filter you have. These can either be a sand wash or a cartridge filter.

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It is very easy to disturb the equilibrium of chemicals in the water due to splashing and rains. You should keep a close eye on these factors as they can contribute a lot to the hygiene of the pool. Low or high water levels can throw this balance off, which can lead to a host of problems like murky water or algae.

2. Chemical Levels

As mentioned in the above tip, a chemical imbalance can lead to murky waters and can also attract bacteria. Bacterial growth can make you and your family sick, which is the last thing anyone wants. The chemical imbalance can also be irritating your eyes and skin. You should test the water in your pool at least once a week. 

Here a few things that you might want to keep in mind.

Ph Level

 how acidic or alkaline your pool water will be indicted by the Ph level. It is safe to say that your pool water’s Ph level must be neutral or slightly alkaline. The slight alkalinity comes due to the chlorine present in the water which is added as a disinfectant. A higher pH i.e. an acidic level, makes the chlorine ineffective and irritates your eyes and skin.

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You can buy kits to check for pH and chlorine levels and conduct tests yourself. It is advisable to test the water at least once a week. The chart supplied with the kit should be able to help identify the chemical levels in your pool water.

3. Servicing

Sometimes if you are inexperienced or have a complex problem at hand it might be time to call in an expert. This especially true when one of the mechanical components fails. If you aren’t the handyman type that knows his or her way around a machine, you better call the professional once a year. Usually, people call them at the start of the summer so that they can clean and service the pool and prep it for the next few months.

They usually clean and lubricate all the moving parts that might be involved and also check for damages. This is crucial as the parts must be in good shape to function optimally. Also, before you call the experts, make a note of all the things that might seem unusual with the pool. This could be the weird noise that the pump makes or the fact that filtration might not be working properly.

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What this does is give them an idea as to where they can start troubleshooting. This is also a great opportunity as to how they tackle difficulties and pinpoint the source of your miseries. There is a chance they might even explain the root cause of the problem and how you can easily do it yourself next time. Although discretion is advised here.

4. The Lint Pot

This is the part responsible for collecting all the lint and debris that comes through the pump. If it is clogged, then there can be a problem with the pump’s functionality. It is advisable to check this thing every few weeks. If your pool gets a lot more debris than expected, you might want to check up on the lint pot more frequently.

In addition to the Lint Pot, other things to clean out regularly are


their lint pots are transparent so that you can keep an eye on them. Empty them when you see a few leaves in them. 


A skimmer box basket is a type of basket that will skim the leaves off the upper layer of the water. If they are full of the debris, your pump will be working harder than usual.

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5. Filters

Your pool’s filtration system can be said to be one of the most vital parts of the swimming pool itself. It clears all the debris whether it be microscopic or macro in nature and keeps the water clean. Ensuring that it works at its optimum must ensure that it is always clean and nothing is stuck in it. Routinely flush them out to keep them in shape.

You can think of the filtration system as being like the kidney equivalent. They remove the bacteria, debris, and other unwanted substances. To keep them healthy, you need to clean and flush them regularly. Take note of any other problems that might come up

A Sand Filter would need a backwash at least once a month. On the other hand, a Cartridge System will require you to remove the filter and pressure wash to clean it. The frequency of clean a Cartridge filter will also depend on its size. A smaller filter clogs up easily as compared to a bigger one.

With these things in mind, pool maintenance should be a breeze for any owner. For more Cleaning Hacks For Pool Owners or other information on how to clean your pool, find more here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth.

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