What are Some of the Factors that Affect Pool Color

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So you have decided to install a pool and you have probably realised that there are many decisions to be made including the colour of your pool finish. Different finishes can add different colours to your pool water so you must make the correct decision as going back and changing it will be a costly task. Let’s take a look at some things that will give your pool its colour

How does my pool get its colour?

It’s common knowledge that clean water is clear, many homeowners get very precise and caught up in the watercolor of their pool but many factors actually make it an optical illusion. If you are maintaining your pool the correct way then the water should be clear, what you are actually seeing is the water hitting the sunlight that then reflects from the finish of your pool. For more blue water we recommend choosing a finish that is either white, blue, grey or black if you prefer your pool colour to be more green we would suggest choosing a finish that is green, brown or tan.

Size of your pool

One important factor that can affect the colour of your pool water is the size of your pool and how deep it is. When you look out into the ocean the water closest to you is clear, as you look further into the distance the water becomes darker, the deeper the water the darker blue you can see. This is the same as your pool. Having a larger pool that has quite a lot of depth will produce a darker blue colour, if you have a smaller pool you will find the colour of your water will appear more transparent.

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If you are wanting that darker look for a smaller pool then your option would be to choose a darker deeper rich colour for your finish. When looking at different pools, please remember that the colours in magazines, online and brochures are not a true picture of what the colour will exactly look like. Light can affect pictures in many different ways which makes it extremely hard to get a true exact picture of what the pool water will actually look like. 

Check your pool surroundings

When choosing the right finish colour for your pool you probably didnt think that your surroundings in your backyard have any impact but in fact, they do. For example, if you have a lot of greenery such as palm trees, tall plants etc you will find that no matter what colour finish you choose your pool water will ultimately look green.

If your pool is set in an area that has less plants and more stone water features you will then find your pool will look more transparet and clear. It’s important to understand that 2 exact same pools with the same colour finish can look different colours depending on their surroundings. 

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Sunlight hitting your pool

To achieve the perfect setting and brightness of your pool finish you would need to see it on a clear sunny day. Water doesn’t just reflect from objects or plants around the pool, it also reflects from the sky. You will notice on an overcast day when the sky is more grey your pool will not look as clear and may even look flat and darker in color.

If your pool is set in an area that has shade the majority of the time, you are not going to get the colour you see in the magazines or online as these professional photos are taken on clear sunny days with no shade to be seen. This is something important to take note of if you are not achieving the same colour you have seen elsewhere.

Adding lights or artificial colour to your pool

Pool parties have been around for years and let’s face it they aren’t going anywhere. Whether it’s your 4-year old’s birthday or a 21st they are always a winner. To add that wow factor to your pool party you could add artificial colour to the water, there are so many colours to choose from and are a fantastic option for a themed party. Colored lights are also becoming increasingly more popular, these lights come in a wide range of colours and gibe some truly stunning effects to your pool. You can even choose lights that shift in colours and make your whole pool glow. 

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Pool Water Balance

It is no secret that when owing a pool the water balance is not always going to be perfect and clear. During the time of owning your pool, you will come across times where the water becomes dirty and green. If this happens it is most likely due to your water not being balanced correctly. When the water turns that murky green colour it is normally a sign that algae is starting to grow.

This can happen for a couple of reasons, the main ones being that there isn’t enough chlorine to kill the bacteria, there could be a problem with the filtration system or there aren’t enough minerals being added to the water. Having too much calcium in the water can also cause problems with the colour of your water. Thats why knowing the importance of water balance and how you can maintain yours correctly.

Owning your own pool is an amazing luxury and has so many amazing benefits. Please remember there are so many different factors to take note of when it comes to the color of your pool water. It is important to not always go by what you see in a magazine or brochure as this is not always a true indication of what it will look like.

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Here at Barrier Reef Pools, we have over 20 years of experience in the pool industry and we can help you choose the right pool and finish that is going to meet your expectations. Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to discuss your options and answer any questions you might have!

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