La Plage Residence In Southern Brazil

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Located in Southern Brazil, La Plage is a contemporary home that was sketched out by Stemmer Rodrigues and features 4,680 square feet of living space. Built near the sea, the house boasts exposed concrete walls as well as a trio of glazed faces. As far as thermal comfort is concerned, a fireplace made out of a dark granite monolith provides much needed warmth during the cold season.

The residence was designed to be inhabited by a couple and their two daughters, and so it flaunts four separate suites that ensure privacy and comfort for all family members. The inhabitants are able to entertain and socialize with guests at the second floor within a gourmet area that has a large orange countertop, dining tables and floor-to-ceiling windows that frame fabulous panoramas of the outdoors. Access between the two floors is achieved via a wooden staircase.

From the architect:

The project of this seafront house, in southern Brazil, attended an expectation of their dwellers: have a privileged view of the sea, above the sand dunes. To make this possible, the architects of Stemmer Rodrigues reversed the logic of a traditional plant, reserving the downstairs room for the bedroom, the upstairs to the living area, fully glazed, with gourmet, living room and pool.

This different solution included the 435m² residence is located in a house condominium. The second floor is distinguished by the integration of environments, which ensures transparency harmony with the local nature. Even in winter, with all the windows closed, landscape and thermal comfort are guaranteed, secured by a fireplace, composed of a dark granite monolith against the glass frame.

The lining of the living is the very slab of the house, exquisitely performed, revealing structural characteristics and maintaining the external architectural language.

Walls in exposed concrete follow on from the same style and contrast with the three large outer faces glazed.

A large orange countertop, gourmet area, imposes its presence of vibrant color in space. The ground brings together the four suites that guarantee the privacy and comfort of the couple, their two daughters and guests.

It consists of a large box searched by wood, the same material of the shutters. This block serves as basis to the second floor, extremely light, characteristic of their key material, the glass with a thin concrete slab as cover.

The gourmet area, integrated with other social environments of the second floor, was designed to meet a family trait: Receive friends with relaxation.

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